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Michael Osacky & BaseballintheAttic.com

Welcome and thanks for visiting Baseball in the Attic. My name is Michael Osacky and I've been collecting vintage baseball cards and other sports memorabilia since I was a teenager. My grandfather gave me an old shoe box and inside were some very old baseball cards with images that were entirely new to me.

Up until that moment, I could go into any neighborhood gas station or convenience store and buy new baseball cards with current players. However, the idea of finding cards and memorabilia from decades past gave me a new found sense of excitement. Since that day, I've been attending sports card shows and have purchased numerous vintage baseball cards and collections with Old Judge, Cracker Jack, and Turkey cards as some of my favorites to collect.

I have been the official appraiser for some great athletes from the Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees; enjoying tremendously working with the families and the estates. Every year I am fortunate enough to spend time with some of the best athletes to ever play baseball, including Whitey Ford, Don Larsen, and Ernie Banks.

I have traveled near and far to purchase big and small collections alike. The thrill of going into that musty attic or broken down garage to find vintage sports memorabilia, a direct connection to sports legends of present and past, is what truly drives my passion and keeps me going.

Thank you. - Michael Osacky, Baseball in the Attic