Childhood Memories From Working for the Boston Red Sox

As a boy in the 60s and 70s, John was crazy about baseball—and now that he’s in his 50s, he recalls how his obsession landed him his first job—a groundskeeping gig with the Boston Red Sox. When he was younger, John would often write letters to many players and teams—it was fun and exciting for him. When he came […]

Champaign, IL WCIA Morning Show

What’s in your attic Central Illinois?  

Legendary Newsman Rick Kogan Interviews Michael Osacky

Rick Kogan says, “I am one of the most interesting people in Chicago.”

Gene Tunney—Prizefighter with a Pen

Chicago’s Soldier Field may be best known as the home of the Chicago Bears, but the stadium has played host to numerous events that had nothing to do with passing the pigskin. One of the most famous among a lengthy list of concerts, soccer games, speeches and prize fights is the “Long Count” rematch between […]

The Story Behind Tony Gwynn’s .394 Pale Ale

Baseball is America’s pastime. There’s nothing like sitting in the stands and watching your favorite baseball team —often with a cold beer in your hand. The game takes your mind off everyday stress and puts a smile on your face that lasts the entire day. The connection between cold beer and baseball goes beyond the […]

Kelvin Beachum Helps Fight Childhood Hunger

Kelvin Beachum is one of the most feared offensive tackles in the NFL. He dominated the offensive line with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2012-15 and signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars during the off-season. However, I recently found that the Beachum is more teddy bear than grizzly bear when he’s off the field. Ending childhood hunger […]

Michael Osacky

About Michael Osacky

Welcome to the official blog for Baseball in the Attic. I’m Michael Osacky and I buy and appraise pre-1975 baseball cards and sports memorabilia. I’ve been an avid collector since I was a teen. My grandfather gave me my first box of baseball cards which got me hooked on the idea of searching for cards and memorabilia from the past.

Since then I’ve traveled wherever needed to purchase individual cards, full collections, and other vintage sports items of value. I’m an official appraiser and have worked with several professional sports teams as well as some of the best athletes to ever play baseball.

Please take some time to go to our official website, to learn more about me, what we buy, see some photos, and to contact me if you’re selling or need an appraisal.

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